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Kalu, Djibouti push for stronger ties among African countries to fast-track continent’s development

Africa has been described as the cradle of the world’s civilisation and the emerging destination of global investment which can be achieved through the unity and diplomatic cooperation amongst its Nations.

Kalu, who played host to the Speaker of the Djibouti National Assembly, Mohamed Ali Houmed, led his legislative counterpart from the Enugu International Airport where the Djibouti Parliamentarian and his entourage had arrived to the Enugu home of prominent Enugu Politician Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa where they were treated to a brief reception.

In separate remarks, all parties maintained that Africa will soon become the rallying point for investment, they however stated that it can only be achieved through unity and the facilitation of deeper economic ties amongst African countries.

In his remark, Chief Whip of the Senate, Orji Kalu stated that civilisation began in Africa, saying that the continent is on the verge of becoming the global rallying point for investment.

Kalu admitted that though like Nigeria other countries are also experiencing economic difficulties, he, however, stated that such problems were not peculiar to only Africa but globally. The former Governor identified the COVID-19 pandemic and global depression as the major causes which were however not insurmountable by Africa.

“Africa is one, this is where civilisation started and extended to other parts of the world. The new frontier for investment is Africa. I am confidently telling you that development is coming to Africa, but we must come together and unite as one despite our cultural and religious differences to achieve this.

“We have difficulties all over the world, during my foreign trips I’ve seen people complain bitterly of hardship even in the United States of America, so we must come and work together in Africa to solve our own problems because we have the resources and we are one. Kalu expressed.

Houmed called for deeper economic relations;

“In Africa, we are one from the East to the West, North and South. Our cultures might be different but our goals to develop Africa are common. This is why I had no fear coming with my whole family and my associates to Nigeria on Kalu’s invite because for us this is home too. In Africa, we have the resources to build our continent for our own benefit but we must unite to make this happen.

Chinyeaka Ohaa, a former Federal Permanent Secretary, expressed gratitude to the Senate Chief Whip for leading the delegation to his home and also thanked Houmed for coming.

Ohaa briefly explained the history of Enugu as the main city of the old Eastern region to the foreign delegates. According to him, the state has produced notable personalities who contributed immensely to the development of the South East and Nigeria at large.

Ohaa also aligned with Kalu and Houmed on the need for Africa to unite, specifically mentioning that neighbouring nations should share electric power to boost power generation amongst themselves.

Kalu is Billed to host the Djibouti Speaker, Family, Others for the New Year Holiday At his Camp Neya, Igbere country home.

Source : SumNewsOnline