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Russian missiles fired at Ukraine fly into NATO airspace

Launch of the Caliber cruise missileMinistry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

During the shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops, two Kalibr missiles flew over Ukrainian airspace and crossed the borders of Moldova and Romania. This was announced on Facebook by the Commander-in-Chief  of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny.

“Today, February 10, at 10:18, two Russian Caliber cruise missiles crossed the state border of Ukraine with the Republic of Moldova. At approximately 10:33 these missiles crossed Romanian airspace. After that, they again entered the airspace of Ukraine at the point of intersection of the borders of three states. The missiles were launched from the Black Sea,” he said.

Earlier that one of the missiles crossed the Ukrainian-Moldovan border and flew  through Moldova in transit, said the head of the Nikolaev OVA Vitaly Kim.

The flight of a Russian missile over the territory of Moldova was confirmed by the country’s Ministry of Defense.

“At 10:18, the responsible structures of the institution detected a missile that crossed the airspace of the Republic of Moldova over the city of Mokra in the Transnistrian region, and then over the city of Kosavtsi, Soroca region,” the ministry said. Then the rocket headed towards Ukraine. Chisinau “strongly condemns the violation of the airspace of the Republic of Moldova,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense has not confirmed the information about the passage of missiles through the airspace of the country. The department promised to provide updated information later.

On the morning of February 10 , an air alert was announced throughout Ukraine  . Regional authorities report hits on power system facilities.

Russian missiles periodically hit the territories of countries bordering Ukraine during shelling. So, on November 15, two rockets fell on the territory of Poland near the border with Ukraine. Two Polish citizens were killed. The authorities of the country considered the possibility of using Article 4 of the NATO Charter, that is, to start consultations in the alliance about the threat against one of its members.

Romania has been a NATO member since 2004. Moldova has been a member of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Council since 1997, later renamed the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.

Source: The Moscow Times