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Sudan, Israel agree to move forward with normalisation of relations

Sudan’s military ruler Abdel Fattah al-Burhan met with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, Thursday (Feb.02).

The unprecedented one-day visit by an Israeli official to the African nation ended in the announcement of a future peace agreement. Sudan and Israel will move towards normalising relations.

“Less than an hour ago, I returned from Khartoum. I am happy to announce that as part of the visit, we agreed to sign a peace treaty between Sudan and Israel. Sudan is an Arab, Muslim, and strategic country for Israel.”

“Today we came back with three yesses: Yes, to recognizing Israel, yes to negotiating with Israel, and yes to peace with Israel,” Cohen added.

Foreign Minister Cohen said he expects relations to be formalised by the end of the year, but not before Sudan appoints a civilian government to replace Burhan’s caretaker military regime.

The three yessses point back at the ‘three nos’ resolution by Arab country that committed back in 1967 to not make peace with newly founded state of Israel nor recognize or negotiate with it.

The1967 Six-Day War between Arab countries and Israel saw the latter illegaly occupy swathes of territory.

Khartoum in January 2021 formally agreed to normalise relations with Israel in a quid pro quo for the USA removing it from its list of “state sponsors of terrorism.”

On Thursday, Chadian President Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno opened his majority-Muslim country’s embassy in Israel, four years after the countries renewed ties following a decades-long rupture.

source: africanews