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Incident above the clouds: Club plane has to stop on the way to Nuremberg

Corendon's club plane had to make an emergency landing in Sofia (Bulgaria).

NUREMBERG/HURGHADA – In the middle of the night, the club plane had to land on the way from Hurghada (Egypt) to Nuremberg – in Bulgaria. The passengers only continued their journey after a stay of around three hours. What was the reason for this.

The club plane of the Turkish airline Corendon Airlines was hovering over Bulgaria on Saturday night when there was suddenly an incident on the plane. According to information from passengers on the plane, a woman was in poor health, so the captain decided to stop at the airport in the Bulgarian capital Sofia around 1 a.m. This was also confirmed by a spokesman for Nuremberg Airport when asked by our editorial team. The machine with flight number XR2158 was actually on the way back from Hurghada (Egypt) to Nuremberg.

At the airport in Sofia, the woman had to leave the plane due to her health condition and was taken to a hospital, according to passengers. Of the approximately 200 pieces of luggage, the two suitcases of the sick had to be found and unloaded during the night. The plane also had to be refueled.

The machine was only able to resume the flight to Nuremberg at 1.25 a.m. with a delay of almost three hours. The club plane did not land in the Noris until 3.16 am on Saturday morning. The plane was originally supposed to arrive at Nuremberg Airport at 12:35 a.m. The plane took off from Hurghada at 9:04 p.m.

The incident is also documented by data on the flightaware.com portal . The airline Corendon could not comment on the incident on Saturday morning. It is not yet known how the passenger who was taken to the hospital by ambulance is doing.more on the subject

There are also occasional stopovers at Nuremberg Airport in the event of medical emergencies on planes. “It can easily happen that a passenger suddenly feels bad during the flight,” explains Oliver Albrecht, spokesman for Nuremberg Airport. In such a case, the crew informs the captain of the aircraft. He decides whether a landing is necessary and, if necessary, applies for this at the nearest airport. “Only in the case of a prioritized landing – i.e. when the aircraft is given preference to all other machines on the landing approach – is it called an emergency landing,” explains Albrecht. Whether this was the case in Sofia is still unclear.

At Nuremberg Airport, the tower informs the airport fire brigade about a medical emergency in the air. This can then come directly to the runway and provide the affected passenger with the best possible care, since there are also trained paramedics among the emergency services. Depending on the severity of the medical incident, an ambulance or rescue helicopter is ordered to the airport, Albrecht describes the scenario. A stopover is of course always unpleasant for the rest of the passengers, but ultimately it is an important way to ensure that sick passengers do not have to wait unnecessarily long in the plane above the clouds.

Source: Nordbayern