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Top 10 African Countries With the Highest Fuel Price in 2023

Regarding fuel costs, the world has recently experienced a rollercoaster. The effects of these changes on economies, sectors of the economy, and regular consumers are extensive. Geopolitical tensions, supply and demand dynamics, and other variables can all contribute to high gasoline prices, which are frequently a topic of popular concern and discussion.

Like many other economies throughout the world, the African economy is struggling with the negative consequences of rising gasoline costs. Fuel prices have a significant influence on a number of industries, including transportation, social welfare, economic growth, and inflation. The difficulty of managing growing fuel prices offers a complicated riddle that needs careful analysis and creative solutions as nations throughout Africa seek sustainable growth.

According to recent reports, the high cost of fuel has caused some degree of discontent in a number of the continent’s nations. Due to growing gas prices, countries like Kenya have had a fair number of protests. High gasoline price is also having a negative impact on Nigeria, which just ended its costly fuel subsidy program.

While a number of African countries sell fuel below the global average price of $1.33 per liter, the issue remains that some of these developing economies are not strong enough to withstand the economic ripple effect, and thus selling gasoline at an average price appears to be a very expensive cost.

Furthermore, a number of African countries, ten of which are on the list, sell petroleum at prices higher than the world average. Thirteen African nations sell at or above the world average price.

The ten African nations with the highest fuel prices are shown below. The list is courtesy of GlobalPetrolPrices.com, a platform that updates fuel prices across the globe daily.

RankCountryFuel price ($)/literGlobal rank
1.Central Africa Republic$1.84127th
8.Cape Verde$1.46160th
10.Burkina Faso$1.42366th

Source : Business Insider