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Some PS Plus Essential Monthly Games Will Get PS5 Cloud Streaming Support

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that PS5 cloud gaming will support some PS Plus Essential monthly titles. PS5 streaming service has launched today in Japan and will be rolling out in Europe and North America on October 23 and 30, respectively.

Sony’s PS5 cloud gaming FAQ answers all the big and burning questions about streaming

Sony released a comprehensive PS5 streaming FAQ this morning, coinciding with its rollout in Japan, in which it was confirmed that PS Plus monthly games will also be supported where possible.

Monthly games will be treated differently than other catalog games in that players will be able to stream those games at any time they want, even after they leave the service provided that they are redeemed during the month they become available. This is the same policy Sony has for PS Plus Essential game downloads now, but it’s nice to have confirmation that it will also apply to streaming.

The option to stream games will appear on supported titles’ pages, giving eligible players the option to either download or stream. Those who want to purchase DLC or add-ons can make a purchase as they normally would, following which the content will immediately become available to stream.

As a reminder, PS5 cloud streaming is only available to PS Plus Premium members in select regions, and PSVR 2 games cannot be streamed.

Source : PS Lifestyle