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Low Carbon Energy: Chevron Partners With Angola Government

Through our work in Angola, we hope to provide affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy, says Jeff Gustavson, President of Chevron New Energies

As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Chevron believes that affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy is essential to enabling human progress.

The company produces crude oil and natural gas, manufactures transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and additives, and develops technologies that enhance its business and the wider industry. 

In a bid to support global sustainability in energy, the company is collaborating with the Angola Government to explore potential lower carbon business opportunities in the West African country. 

Chevron expands energy sustainability in Africa

The collaboration plans to evaluate various projects related to nature-based and technological carbon offsets, lower-carbon intensity biofuels and products such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and the creation of a regional centre of excellence to incentivise and attract lower carbon investments.

“We are excited to build upon Chevron’s nearly 70-year operational history in Angola. This MOU demonstrates Chevron and Angola’s commitment to continue identifying lower carbon opportunities through collaboration and partnership,” says Jeff Gustavson, President of Chevron New Energies. 

Gustavson joined Chevron in 1999, and has since held positions in many avenues of the business. In August 2021, he took up the position of President of Chevron New Energies, having previously been President of Chevron Canada Resources. 

“Through our work here, we hope to provide affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy, and help the industries and customers who use our products advance their lower carbon goals.”

“Chevron has been a major player in Africa for over a century and Angola is a key country for us. We were one of the first U.S. companies to enter the country, and we take great pride in continuing to be a steadfast and resilient partner. Last year, we renewed the concession for Block 0 for 20 years, through 2050,” comments Clay Neff, President of Chevron International Exploration and Production. 

“As a long-term partner, we remain committed to supporting Angola in developing its energy resources for the benefit of its people and the region, as we advance to a lower carbon future.”

Source : Energy Digital